Touch Barcelona Manchester City Executive exclaimed unthinkable: drawing without looking at the


Witnesses at the scene of the team in Barcelona, Manchester City's Director of football, begiristain does not come, he admits that every touch cool, not to see the drawing of lots.


Long time, there has been a claim that as representatives of the European upstart Manchester City is not UEFA's view.fifa 15 ultimate team coins  After the appointment of Michel Platini insisted that "Rob" city's local team Paris Saint-Germain, became his goal, two clubs for violating the equality of public finance Act go unpunished, for example.


Manchester City while two Premiership titles in 3 years, but in the Champions League, they repeatedly to the Group of death, can not help but make people to think along toward the conspiracy theory. Last season, managed to qualify, first knockout round encounter enemy Barcelona. A year later, the situation again, begiristain is no surprise to see lot of sorts.Home



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