On 28 minutes, Genoa in attack failed, Florenzi clear orchestrated counterattack, Ljajic cross after midfielder advanced a few steps Pjanic, who sent out the pass nayingelan run into the area escaped, only to be flung, Bantey the referee produced the red card and penalty, Genoa made personnel adjustments, rum substituted Pjanic. Subsequently, Ljajic penalty penalty failed to fool the Lamb, the ball was parried, Florenzi followed up to shoot,fifa 15 ut coins  the ball hitting the side-netting. The first 39 minutes, Ljajic fell in the penalty area of Genoa, Bantey ignores Maicon broken cross nayingelanda restricted area arc volleyed the ball into the bottom right corner of the goal of Genoa, 1-0, taking the lead away from Rome.


On 41 minutes, maikongda the penalty area before the straight, Ljajic leaned-back turned and shot the ball high over the bar. The first 45 minutes, Florenzi return errors up front, Sturaro not adjusted back pass after the ball, get a single chance Matt,sell fifa coins   his interference in the Astor volley cross, Morgan de Sanctis hit side successfully-bashing in front of danger.


In fact, this year's summer transfer period, inter have also considered the introduction of Bonaventura, whose brokers Martorelli said: "September 1, at 8 o'clock in the morning, aoxiliao first of all, I made a phone call, but due to budgetary issues, ultimately failed to reach an agreement, Adriano Galliani also soon find me, we successfully negotiated within 1.5 hours. "Add Bonaventura recalls the transfer market after head-butt against Napoli on goal decision time:" Bonaventura? Very inspirational, almost as though have received God's revelation. "In order to get Bonaventura, Milan, Galliani but spent the biggest chunk this summer, 7 million euros!Detail



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