, Champions League 6th round in group a, Juventus ' home game against Atletico Madrid, fifa 15 ut coins the two teams will be competing for group leaders Juventus must win the title by two goals or more, to overwhelm Atletico Madrid.


History of confrontation: the only skirmish is on October 1 this year, the two teams in the Champions League group stage, with Arda Turan's goal, Atletico is not dominant in the case, 1-0 home defeat to Juventus. History of Atletico Madrid team 22 times against the Serie a team, with 13 WINS of 2-7 record, 33 goals in 18 balls lost,sell fifa coins   Italy's record was 4 WINS, 1 draw and 4; 43 times the history of Juve's game against La Liga teams, 15 WINS, 10 draws and 18 defeats, scoring 49 goals threw 48 balls, 19 11 WINS, 6 draws and 2 defeats at home.


Top 5 rounds, Atletico Madrid 4-1 negative accumulated 12 points at the top of the standings, Ewing was 3-2 with 9 points followed by. In the game, Atletico only need to get 1 draw, even the away match 1-goal gap small, are able to ensure that group leaders. Juventus must beat by two goals or more gap Atletico legions can lead sheets. Meanwhile, Juve could not lose, if their home defeat against Atletico Madrid and Olympiacos beat Malmo, will drop to third, the loss of qualification.Detail


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