Transfer rumours continues on Royce! It is well known that Dortmund striker Royce next summer, it will activate a contract worth 25 million euros in severance payment provisions, many big clubs are interested in introducing the excellent Germany stars. If Royce really left the team, then Dortmund do? Germany media analysis of the 11 people inside say, excelling in Mainz youngster might return to the team after banluoyisi Hoffmann, and impressive Bittencourt buyback provision may also be activated in Hanover as winger and he has the potential to banluoyisi. But Leitner, Ducksch, June Turley, who estimated that the team had no chance.


According to the Germany newspaper Bild reported that super-rich Manchester City in the Premier League had Royce has opened a super offer! According to the Germany media reports said Manchester City for the Royce out of the high price of EUR 13 million annual salary. You know,fut coins currently the highest salary in the Bundesliga, Lahm, Schweinsteiger, ribery their annual salary of "only" 12 million euros, Royce will no doubt become the Germany the highest-paid player, the salaries of more than his annual salary at the Bayern are likely to get. Now Royce in Germany "the transfer market" valuations have reached 50 million euros on the site, 25 million euro contract gold and sign him is to pick up a bargain.


If Royce really left, Dortmund, so what should I do? Recently Germany 11 people within the media analysis of the situation of loan players of Dortmund, Dortmund had no 7th Hoffman is favored by banluoyisi. Since joining on loan after Mainz, Hofmann became the team's main and outstanding play. Hoffman this season in the Bundesliga, scored 3 goals in 8 appearances, Mainz, is one of the key figures of the season. In fact, long before the Mainz on loan, Hoffman is as Dortmund two wings of hope for the future, after his return to the team next summer, it is estimated that there will be more to buy

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