In this game, Benzema in real good shape, various events for 7 consecutive games scoring, so people are looking forward to the performance of his play, did not think England legs became soft as he comes. Said Karim Benzema in the national team's performance often is not satisfactory, as the main striker in the national team often suffer drought. Today, France loses,cheap fifa coins  it must have the responsibility for Benzema, final France avoided losing to thank geliziman of playing at Atletico Madrid striker, the Club's poor performance in the near future, but in the national team broke out.


France coach Didier Deschamps wants to see long impregnable, the 59th minute 1th adjusted offense put on a geliziman,fifa ultimate team coins  his breakthrough brings new points of attack for his team. When he came on, France attack a lot faster, have a much greater ability to break forward, and become more dangerous than ever before.


Geliziman constantly received the breakthrough on 73 minutes, after he had the ball in the midfield and Jalais of the road made a play on the right side wall tie, when he took the ball insertion into the edge of the area off a seal Defender left their shot, a ball into the lower right corner to even the score. The goal is geliziman for France scored a 5th ball, it is worth mentioning that, 5 goals all Lattice Boltzmann acquired after the bench, and he made a total of 13 appearances for the national team 7 of them from the bench. Lattice Boltzmann came off the bench to score a high default rate is not by chance, in the case of opponent to descending, received his breakthrough can often work wonders.Click Here


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