It is worth mentioning that, after the game the scene featurette showing a warm male character of j-Lo: when a fan suddenly rush in trying to find j-Lo signatures,fifa 15 coins online  taken away by the security personnel rushed into the fans, kind of j-Lo signal security personnel not to be too rough and followed behind the fan's Jersey signed, two people left the stadium even more side-by-side.


J Lo spent 80 million euros transfer fee Real Madrid this summer, many media considered the price artificially high. As Colombia predecessors,fut coins  Baldera HP j-Lo: "j-Lo deserved real for him to spend every euro, now the price is fairly common.


Now he has the chance, he's only 23 years old, we want him for the long term playing for Real Madrid. He showed off his ability at the World Cup, but he also had plenty of room for improvement. Click Here


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