The first 15 minutes, Kyle was stealing the ball in midfield, right side of the penalty area in front of Roman Weidenfeller their shot at the Pratt but too,fifa 15 ut coins  hit the ball by Weidenfeller fists, 18 minute, aubameyang road of the area received geluosikeluoyici Rob low cross from the right foot shot was parried by goalkeeper. On 23 minutes, aubameyang front door after stealing the ball from 20 meters away and a speculative play, 26 minutes, geluosikeluoyici the right answer aubameyang cross scored a goal for offside.


On 29 minutes, piszczek right foot shot hit high, geluosikeluoyici after 1 minute cross from the right flank Schmeer policy points directly after a shot was parried by goalkeeper lying on the fifa 15 ultimate team coins     Next game in Dortmund remain firmly in control of the situation on the field, but the two sides did not get another chance, 1-0 lead away from Dortmund in the first half.


Beginning in the second half neither side making personnel adjustments. On 52 minutes, aubameyang inclined inserted to the left the penalty area, after receiving the yimobilai through a small angle shot parried the ball by goalkeeper fell to the bottom line, 1 minute yimobilai restricted area arc after the previous foot shot from keeper, 58 minutes, mubeiba shot from near the left sideline when a foot is a threat, slightly over the bar after 64 minutes, Subotic 30 yards a kick shot from the to buy



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