World Cup winner will challenge the German national team in Warsaw, Poland national team away to start the second round of the European preliminaries of the contest. Germany assistant coach before Schneider, manager Oliver Bierhoff, the players Muller and Cramer accepted the media interview, fifa ultimate team coins    they also gave the game their own views. Germany assistant Schneider said Ozil though will not play because of injury, but the German team has enough players to make up for the loss of his absence. Mueller said that the German team is to get the three points away from home, facing the Polish team will make every effort. German leader Bierhoff then praising Goetze, saying finally grow and mature.


German national team their injury at the World Cup Hou Lamu, Mertesacker, Miroslav Klose also quit the national team. The national team training camp began shortly midfielder Ozil pulled out, for the adjustment of personnel, the German team assistant Schneider is still full of confidence, "Ozil's injury absence was a huge loss, but we also have enough players can make up for this gap, we do not need emergency recruited others, cheap fifa 15 coins I believe the existing players will go all out to achieve victory. must admit that our players have the edge in the limit of physical fitness, and now we are also possible help them make a good recovery and defeat every opponent. "


German national team away to Poland soon, given the history between the two countries, the game is not easy for the German national team. In this regard, Schneider said, "Poland has a lot of skilful players, especially Lewandowski and Piszczek, who is the central figure in Poland, technology particularly well. And they had the will to fight full they will fight to the last minute on the pitch. now even better than before the Polish team, and overall more closely. to get this win, we must go all out for the job. As for the status of the players in the end how, or wait for the game and we'll see it. "Click Here


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