Inter Milan Argentine players of the club is to reuse model, in addition to previously led by Argentine barbecue Zanetti help, but now they are also entirely by Argentine striker combination or Italian nationality Argentine composition, and has a very reasonable type of match,fifa 15 ut coins  Parra Theo cruising beside Ica Jordi or series Osvaldo assume the role of Ica Jordi by Osvaldo responsible or rattling, forming a complementary technique, strength, speed between; equally striking combination is there Argentine club in Atlanta, one of their high (Dennis) a fast (Maxi - Morales) also has a very good effect, they scored the last three seasons with 44 goals; there Palermo Vazquez and di Vara.


On Saturday Inter Club General Manager Oc¨¦ Rio explicitly declared, Cambiasso contract expires in the summer after the new contract will not be renewed. Prior to the old Inter captain Javier Zanetti has decided to retire, plus Milito,buy fifa 15 ultimate team coins  Samuel will also leave these two veterans, it would be difficult to see Inter Milan Argentine help. From the beginning of the 1990s, Inter's Argentine players on the team more and more, they have made no small contribution to the Nerazzurri. 


The most dazzling star of Rome Yituerbei, played last season before his season by Juventus in Verona and Rome competition, he eventually joined the Roman and finish the season against Juventus goals, in addition to Catania last season scored 10 goals this season to join Sampdoria Bayh Theo, Tony's assistance in Verona Juanito - Gomez and Genoa coming Pei Rorty, there Chievo Maxi - Lopez and Turin pull Rondeau. Some of them have not yet become the main force, but the team has their position, they can play to help the team immediately, because they are Argentines: For the same goals, the same winning attitude and a very high survival rate. click to buy



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