AC Milan will continue tonight went away to Cesena, the end of the current round of Serie earlier two games, league leaders Juventus and Roma both win, leading the Rossoneri eight league points, this game against Cesena AC Milan game will be key to whether the hot pursuit of the pace of the league the first group. FIFA 15 Coins Rossoneri this season, the offensive firepower, but it also exposed a big loophole defensive end, to address these issues, the coach Inzaghi during an interview before expressing their views.


Inzaghi first talked about the team's defensive problems: "In recent years the team's defense has been doing very good, but I think the game against Empoli was the team's inattention, tomorrow's game case will become better "for the team for many critics, Inzaghi said:."?. criticism there is no particular cause for dissatisfaction did not, but these voices of doubt hurt the young people who make mistakes they have a red and black heart, when everyone wants to wear uniforms this body the best performance.Buy FIFA 15 Coins  "Bonera as the team lost the ball to be the focus of blame, Inzaghi made ??against him shield: "I think every time to find out who made ??the mistake that is very bad, Bonera has played for AC Milan for eight years, he was a great football player, each training he performed very well, I had a few coach always let him play. against Empoli indeed lost the ball on the first defense made ??a mistake, but this is normal, I am with the performance of his very calm and I keep looking to try halfback combination, I hope that this right can bring more security. "


Because Fanxinkeer injury, AC Milan midfielder become stretched for midfield problems Inzaghi gave replies: "Now the situation is pretty good, but we also ushered Essien comeback though Fanxinkeer injured. but I will find a suitable replacement, I told them that everyone's trust, "Muntari after the game against Empoli suffered questioned, Inzaghi again wrong on himself:." now people Muntari in criticism, but he started playing well,Cheap FIFA 15 Coins  for these questions about what I was angry. blame me, do not blame the boys, or else even if they behave well and feel a bit confused . "for missed a few games Chaaraoui, Inzaghi said:" Shala Wei is a very good player, but he was slightly injured in the game against Lazio, the rest of the 10 days or so for me. he has plenty of confidence, because I know his ability and value, he now needs to do is to rediscover the kind of leading the team against Lazio when the feeling, and I am very at ease. "



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