Of Elche, under the assistance of the Cross and Isco, Erie Yarra Mendy played like a duck, FIFA 15 Coins last season that he is no longer timid, timid little boy - a nightmare that game for Dortmund like performance, so he paid the price for long-term sitting on the bench. But now, Erie Yarra Mendy played very standard, and at the same time commanding the Royal Society, not only to defend the defense, but also became the team the ball first choice. Competition heat map also shows the Queen Yarra Mendy almost everywhere on the court,Buy FIFA 15 Coins  he is the key to Real Madrid in balance, in an important game comes, Real Madrid need most is balance, which is the Real Madrid victory factor.


Concentrate, extremely precise, Erie Yarra Mendy became the team's center of gravity, let him run around Madrid. Real Madrid, which is the greatest good, even better than C Ronaldo Luckiest Man, after the Portuguese goal crazy is the norm, and Erie Yarra Mendy outstanding performance is a new surprise Real Madrid acquired. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium with applause reward Erie Yarra Mendy,Cheap FIFA 15 Coins  Basques Real Madrid become balanced, this is his first starting debut in Real Madrid's second season, Ancelotti satisfied with his performance: "I was Ilya sliding Di happy because tonight he showed his wisdom, calm and professionalism. Precisely because of this, I believe he will be very important for Real Madrid and I do not know how many games he will play, but I know that I need him when he will be ready. "


Italians know that Real Madrid want to get back Champ, you can not do without the contribution of the Queen Yarra Mendy, while Basque is also determined by steady play to win more playing time.http://www.fifa1314.com



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