After the ballot results of this Champions League group stage came out, people have exclaimed,cheap fifa 15 coins  "Anglo-German duel" has become a theme of this season's Champions League group stage. And in the time of World War ballot standings, the Primera Liga with a score of 82.856 ranked first, while the Premier League's score was 69.677, the Bundesliga's score was 66.415, the gap between the two leagues between only a hair's breadth. We can say that every game showdown will affect Europe's second league ownership. Final Champions League group match in the first round of the contest,fifa 15 ultimate team coins  the German team fully suppress the England team. Bayern, Dortmund, Schalke get two wins and a record level achieved in the first round victory.


The Champions League group stage draw, Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich met Premiership champions Manchester City, Bundesliga Dortmund youth army met the Premier Youth Corps Arsenal, Schalke Bundesliga Blues Blues Chelsea Premiership encounter, in addition to Leverkusen and Liverpool this two teams can not meet the third tranche, the other three Yingde comprehensive catch on the athletic teams. This is why the Champions League group stage this season, "the Anglo-German showdown" became a protagonist of important reasons. Direct dialogue between the two leagues and in the Champions League, but also the focus of people's attention. In recent years the rise of the Bundesliga, but also to the fans look forward to the Bundesliga Bundesliga team can rise together on record.


In fact, early on last season's Champions League, the Anglo-German confrontation once staged the play. Last season's Champions League group situation more directly, the two leagues in the group launched a direct confrontation: the four teams from the Premier League and four Bundesliga teams have the same points in a group. Manchester United and Bayer Leverkusen in Group A with Bayern Munich and Manchester City points in Group D, Chelsea and Schalke 04 live together in group E, F group, Arsenal and Dortmund. You can say that every time the Anglo-German contest attracts people's attention, and from the results of the competition last season, the Premier League is fully dominant, Tongzou Bundesliga team. read more...

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