For Zaza, these days in early September this year, is certainly a lifetime unforgettable. Team's friendly match with the Netherlands, the national team's first official Zaza,buy fifa coins  became the first national team to play the game Sassuolo player, 2016 European Cup qualifying opener, Zaza is scored his country team's first goal, which is sassuolo players in the national team's first goal.


Zaza decision back to the club, and then make an important change, on Thursday, he announced on the social networking site photos show the 23-year-old player, finally scrape his beard. It is said that Zaza's mother and a few friends, have complained for a long time, I hope he scraped beard, Zaza's mother, even once shaved hair as a threat to their own, it is difficult to say, Zaza scrape beard, is not someone also played a role, but in any case,cheap fifa ultimate team coins  first remove the Mohicans head type, the scrape of the bearded Zaza, praise the media, "the former bad boy, is becoming a real idol of teenagers . "And we also want to know more about, as the only son of the family, a family accustomed to in the seaside resort, and Ibrahimovic as a practicing taekwondo for three years, while repeatedly playing Basten scored Zaza video on TV, is how it went today?


1991, Zaza was born in southern Italy, a relatively poor region of Basilicata, in fact, his goals, but also to the large area into a region of Italy 20, the first 19 for the national team contributed scored big area, which is also a record. Zaza childhood, it seems very ordinary, except for the British Bulldog, taekwondo, Zaza also like football, Van Basten and AC Milan. 17 years old, Zaza had signs towards professional football. After Val Della (Tuscany small club), Atlanta, in the youth team,  was his teammate, Del Neri will give him the opportunity to debut in Serie A. Next, it seems that everything has to be a matter of course as a result, the fate and he opened a big joke. Because of contract issues, Zaza and managers conflict, is a direct consequence of being shelved half of the season. Psychological blow, so he often locked himself in the house, is always accompanied by his mother, there is no good way. 2010, Marotta and Paratici ruler Sampdoria signed Zaza (these two are now the general manager and sporting director Juventus), but he was followed by successive leased to the Costa ratio Asia, Weiyalaiqiao and Ascoli. In Stabiae, terrible situation, in Weiyalaiqiao, the situation is slightly better, the turning point is Ascoli, 35 games in Serie B, Zaza scored 18 goals. utcointraders

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