Midfield position, Bayern first team history worth Harvey - Martinez led his summer in 2012 to 40 million euros worth joining the team, setting a first in team history and worth Bayern Bundesliga history. But Martinez joined Bayern's strength also allows rapid increases, he also helped just experienced,fifa ultimate team coins "Sanya King" shame Bayern bottomed out, won the "Triple Crown." Martinez's midfield partner last summer to join Bayern grid policy and Tiago, Bayern 37 million euros worth of contracts bought out Goetze, forced to poach Dott supernova. And Tiago is a disciple of the introduction of identity melon handsome, his worth has reached 25 million euros.


On the front is still the strongest firepower Bayern "Raberg" combination led. The summer of 2007, Franck Ribery to 25 million euros worth joining Bayern, he also took over the No. 7 jersey Shaw legend, became the absolute main team. 2009 summer Robben to 24 million euros worth joining Bayern from Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and he quickly became a super weapon, cheap fifa 14 coins often scoring in all competitions. And in the front is "the 30 million sir," Bayern's Mario - Gomez, his 30 million euros worth joining in the summer of 2009, scored a lot of goals for Bayern. But last summer, Gomez flee Florence.


" Bayern's bench is star-studded. At the goalkeeper position, this summer from Liverpool to three million euros worth joining Reina sits, you know Reina almost every team is absolutely the main level. Defense, Bayern from Bayer Leverkusen to 12 million euros worth of imported sits Lucio, Lucio in the Bayern performance and stability, but also become a captain. Midfield position is also a Brazilian bench to 17 million euros worth joining Gustavo from Hoffenheim sits. Bayern striker on the bench in the summer of 2003 introduced the buzzer Mackay, he was transfer fee of up to 19.75 million euros.Buy Now

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