Del Bosque said:. "Spanish football team is resourceful, of course, some of the things we will hold stubborn attitude, we will maintain some original stuff will be some changes," though will be starting to make FIFA 14 Coins adjustments, but Del Bosque stressed: "There is no need to change the lineup of players panic, we are not against a player changes for each of the players came to Brazil, we are righteous, but compared to personal feelings, we should solve the team problem. "currently, the Spanish team under tremendous pressure. Bosque clear about this point: "The whole world to express their views, they have some truth there are a lot of people to forgive us, but others not so we would not have been carrying this burden, there is still one in front of us. opportunity to win the next two games is the challenge before us, though not easy to do, but we are still likely to win them. "

Turning finally to battle slump Casillas, Del Bosque said: "We discussed the situation, and how to solve it, Casey has not been lost influence other people, too, of course, only before the game, you. Casey will see whether the Cheap FIFA 14 Coins first episode, which is the secret of our tactics. "Western media analysis, Fabregas in Spain may again be pushed up front, replacing Costa. In addition, from Bayern Harvey Martinez is expected to replace Gerard Pique at the guard position with Ramos partner.

Raul solidarity Casey
Spanish legend Raul in an interview, talking Buy FIFA 14 Coins about the first defeat of Spain in the World Cup, he said that still believes Casillas and this Spanish team.
Raul said: "I do not want to believe that the end of the Spanish era big score defeat to the Netherlands is really a shame, especially for my former teammate Casillas for but I still trust him and this Spanish team can stand. Arise, "Raul said:" for most people, the first battle of the results are unexpected, the defending champion is the team to beat them four years ago, I called a 4 to 5 years ago, but Spain also lost the first game. a no one Buy FIFA 14 Coins

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