Bayern Munich star Franck Ribery yesterday for the first time participated in joint training team, due to a knee injury he had rested for 10 days, Ribery I hope in the next game at home against Stuttgart in the comeback. "Munich Daily": Ribery participate in joint training


Before Ribery only individual training, and yesterday (August 26) he finally participated in joint training team, buy fifa coins a big step away from the back. But this weekend's Bundesliga match against Schalke 04 second round Ribery can not come back, as far as he himself had predicted, he is expected to be the next home game against Stuttgart (September 14) in the game back, but in early September international race day is a good opportunity to prepare him, after he quit the national team can be assured conditioning.


Ribery injured knee due to security reasons, has to rest for 10 days, did not participate in the first round of Bundesliga games, while defending his comeback against Bayern aim is definitely good news. Ribery blew the day before yesterday still feeling pain in the knee, Monday or Tuesday still unable to train, but yesterday he took part in the joint training, gave Bayern fans a surprise. The day before yesterday, he said: "I feel very good recently,cheap fifa ultimate team coins but there are some knee pain All in all, my situation a lot better than before maybe I still can not train with the team on Monday or Tuesday in this, but I am. optimistic about their own to participate in training in the week next time. "


Ribery back injury before the World Cup, unfortunately, exit, Bayern and France also fought battle on his mouth treatment issues. World Cup Houlibeili announced its withdrawal from the national team and concentrate on Bayern effectiveness Unfortunately knee injuries when training camp, missed the loss to Dortmund, Germany super cup, did not catch up with the Bundesliga opener.Homepage


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