After class in January to return home team coach Luiz Felipe Scolari told reporters do not know what field fiasco A month ago, ska Larry led the Brazilian team in the World Cup semi-finals are Germany, Brazil 1: 7 humiliation, a month later, he has become Pakistan A Gremio coach, and when a reporter referred to "five-star Brazil" fiasco when the 65-year-old coach is avoided as much FIFA 15 Coins as possible. The 9th international team of Gremio and Pakistan League, will be the first show after Scolari coached the team in the pre-match press conference on the 8th, and answered a series of Scolari game problems, and for Brazil that defeat, he said the only one and a half. When asked about the impact of Brazil's defeat coaching career for him, Scolari said:. "Change is the only one I came Gremio" And when a reporter talking about Gremio fans for the fiasco views he then interrupted to say: "what you say is what a fiasco:? 7?" then turned to other issues. In the recent World Cup in Brazil, Scolari led "five-star Brazil," broke into the Top 4 under the weight, but in the semi-finals but was later champion Germany 7: a bloodbath, after the battle for third place also 0: 3 defeat the Dutch team. After the World Cup fiasco, Scolari sadly Cheap FIFA 15 Coins class. Late last month, Gremio club announced Scolari became coach, this is the third time he picked up the home team's pointer. He was held for him at the club meet at frankly, after Brazil's World Cup fiasco, he needs a hug. At that conference, he said: "I used twice coached Gremio, the relationship between us is unusual at this time I return again, because I need a hug, some love and some know me. people. Gremio is such a place, because I know where the players and fans will be with me. " Champions League teams were banned for using illegal players overlord Ruti Scottish Qualifying Beijing on August 8, the Champions League playoff draw ceremony was held around the corner, 20 teams will be in the Champions League last 10 places in the race to catch on the athletic field, but at this point came a shocking news, due to the use of illegal players, Poland Legia Warsaw were barred from Buy FIFA 15 Coins participating in the Champions League this season, while the Celtics are lucky they fall by the wayside Ruti. In the Champions League third qualifying round, first Scottish Premier League Celtic 1-4 away defeat overlord Legia Warsaw, returned home after they lost 0-2 brittle, two rounds 1-6 to be eliminated, but in before beginning the final playoff draw, UEFA officials have confirmed that the use of illegal players Warsaw is deprived qualify, Celtic lucky Ruti. Legia Warsaw's last season in the European Cup red card, while the second leg of the race and the Celtics, he is still in the suspension period, so do not have to qualify, but Warsaw coach superfluous but at the last moment he came off the bench, ruined the team could have easily come playoff qualification. FIFA 15 Coins

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