"All of us to estimate on May 24, in Madrid, is a great night, atletico Madrid are a dream team, they reached the final is not a coincidence, atletico Madrid's la liga leaders. Now the two Spanish clubs reached the champions Buy FIFA 14 Coins league final, this suggests that the Spanish football is very competitive, and sevilla have reached the champions league cup final. Real Madrid forward to kill into the champions league final has been waiting for a long time, now we finally got the very exciting results. I think in the great champions league nights, real Madrid and atletico Madrid have 50% could win the championship, I hope real Madrid will be the winner." Cristiano ronaldo has scored 16 goals in the champions league this season, has created a personal season scoring record, and shape also said he hoped to be able to the stadium of light in Lisbon to complete the scoring."I'll be Cheap FIFA 14 Coins in the final goal, but we want to win the championship, obviously compared with the trophy and goals, I care more about the former. Create a season individual scoring record, this is a great achievement, but I think I will break it, I always like to accept new challenges." When it comes to real Madrid this season, ronaldo said: "this season we won the king's cup and the premiership situation for real Madrid, although some difficulties, but not impossible, but we scored in the champions FIFA 14 Coins league final, now I hope real Madrid will be the last laugh. Now our goal is to make all the injured players to recover as soon as possible, injuries so far this season is very normal thing, don't forget that the team is on three fronts." FIFA 14 Coins http://www.fifa1314.com

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