Since C is a club teammate Luo, before Dimaliya attitude when it comes to this issue has been very cautious, try to keep a balance between Messi and C Ronaldo, this time with impunity to suppress C Lo Messi praise FIFA 14 Coins sent directly named, Spanish media has been interpreted as a deliberate Argentine midfielder off their escape route, forcing Real Madrid to accept a transfer request.

Messi: Argentina qualify for luck did not want to have to kick a penalty shoot himself wanted
After 120 minutes of World War II, Argentina Cheap FIFA 14 Coins Lectra Switzerland, Messi in the first 118 minutes to send the key assists to help the team poise. After the game, he was again elected as the Man of the Match, and was interviewed by a reporter.

Lionel Messi think any team in the World Cup are not to be overlooked. "At this stage the team remained in the World Cup where all teams, which is the World Cup, no weak teams in the World Cup. Until now, many are optimistic Buy FIFA 14 Coins about the team out of the game, a lot of teams are still alive beyond the Our expectation is very difficult to win today, we had also thought that every game will be very close but the winners and losers will be determined by the details of the game will not be easy on the World Cup " FIFA 14 Coins

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