"In fact, we began to develop football in the country and work a few years ago, on the road ahead we witnessed many historic moments, but you know, the best test team in the World Cup is the reference." As FIFA 14 Coins Klinsmann said, as the United States coach, he is there are many tasks, in addition to leading the adult national team, he also entrusted with the selection of personnel for the future of the country of football, advice.

In his view, the influx of tens of thousands of American fans watching the World Cup in Brazil, will make the team more wealthy forward momentum and a sense of responsibility. "To know the status of football in Cheap FIFA 14 Coins the United States is now carried out, you will not stop. League in full swing, hundreds of thousands of children to join them, some American football to a higher level again."

Klinsmann said: "For football in each country, the biggest driving force for development or performance of the national team." He then said: "So the U.S. team must come up with a good performance, because we want Buy FIFA 14 Coins to influence this country, provide confidence and motivation for them. " 32-year cycle of the World Cup tour and almost beaten to death demon German enemies did not have to point praise newspaper Algeria left, as the last one African team, they brought tears to leave, but at the same time, with dignity, with honor, applause among the left in this World Cup. FIFA 14 Coins http://www.fifa1314.com

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