Bayern despite receiving only one year, but Guardiola Bayern transformation, and also in this German national team made ??an immediate effect. Because in this German national team, there are seven people from Bayern Munich, where FIFA 14 Coins six people are in the final episode, the only bench Goetze scored the game's only goal in overtime. It can be said Guardiola Bayern transformation, benefiting the German national team, in order to represent Barcelona's Xavi number of feats when old players, Bayern or the German national team, took over the art of flag football, and dominated the World Cup, this is football the right way!

Guardiola's achievements, not only in the creation of a pleasing style of football. As mentioned earlier, he coached Bayern Munich, seven people became a member of the world champion team. And four years ago, in the South Cheap FIFA 14 Coins African team to win the support of Spain, the same seven people from the time he coached Barcelona. 2 World Cup, 14 disciples to become World Cup champion, melon handsome this record is not only unprecedented, I am afraid the same no latecomers.

Messi World Cup playoff goal to hand over transcripts can play without much of Argentina's World Cup is over, Macy's World Cup is over.
The entire World Cup tournament, Messi played in all seven games, 573 minutes. Argentina captain scored four goals in total, but after Argentina into the knockout, no Messi scored, which directly affects the Argentine Buy FIFA 14 Coins attack, Higuain quarterfinal against Belgium after scoring the opening eight minutes, they no longer goal, the ball drought continued full 334 minutes.In addition, contributed a total of Messi assists, created 23 scoring opportunities, as well as 46 dribbles, which create scoring opportunities for both the frequency and the number of dribbles the World Cup this year's. FIFA 14 Coins

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