From a small flea not a high-profile person, whether in court or Macy field with practical deeds have conquered all. Even in the Argentine national team originally did not get along with Macy rapport Riquelme now come out openly to speak for small flea, Ronnie think Messi should not pay for the defeat of Argentina in the World Cup finals. "We want to appreciate Messi, he is great, some people say he is Buy FIFA 14 Coins almost a walk in the game, but Messi will do retracement of the requirements, and then forward assault, he is better than everyone, to have Messi is Argentina national team luck. although not able to get the World Cup, some say Messi and maradona can not be compared, but we have to approval Messi, because Messi and maradona are the same realm of players. "

C Luo exposed nearly healed European Super Cup starter Casey war or the fate of a given season Looking at the international sports community, C Luo physical strength are one of the best athletes in all, excellent physical fitness so that the Portuguese not only has a powerful attack on the court, but also in terms of the body's own repair its speed is far more than ordinary people. Injured Ayala after the World Cup, the media predicted C Lo comeback earliest in late August, but the "Aspen" said today: CR7 in the European Super Cup can not only play, but also a starter Cheap FIFA 14 Coins . After the end of the June 26 World Cup match in Ghana battle, C Luo began Xinjing raise their knees patella injury, many medical experts are reminded not to rashly C Lo comeback, even though the former European Super Cup is not completely recovered, but also Do not force yourself. But after C Lo and Carlo Ancelotti have been exchanges, Portugal striker did not want to miss any title, and the European Super Cup is the only C Lo club honors missing a championship, the 2007-2008 season with the Red Devils win the Champions League title, then summer in the European super Cup, Manchester United lost 1-2 Zenit.

The "Aspen" the exposure of the C Lo's rehabilitation program content. CR7 during the holidays to find a physical therapist you trust, who called Antonio - Gaspar therapist comeback for the development of a scientific FIFA 14 Coins program, pre-training advocate slowly raise the training intensity, when C Luo came to the United States and Real Madrid after a large force convergence, Gaspar for C Luo create a personal comeback plan. FIFA 14 Coins

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