In fact the Japanese team before the FIFA 14 Coins start of the state remains in the doldrums, warm-up match after another loss to Bulgaria, Serbia and Belarus, Japanese media repeatedly criticized Zaccheroni no kneading and forming a team in a short time, 10 European Tour players physically and mentally exhausted is the primary cause.

In yesterday's game, were high hopes Shinji Kagawa just like stealth, within 86 minutes of playing time shot 0 0 breakthrough, which may be before a knee injury has not healed relevant. The Japanese team is also Cheap FIFA 14 Coins currently unable to find someone who can act as offensive engine replaced Kagawa, Kagawa once the problem can not be resolved, the defense never fly very difficult for Japan to qualify, let alone win.

A 18-year-old Campbell has not guard wanted to qualify?
When the World Cup draw was released, Italy and England Buy FIFA 14 Coins plunged into the death of Group D, ranked seventh in the world at this time Uruguay odds higher than two traditionally strong teams, the reason why the industry optimistic about Uruguay, and Suarez is the one led by the all-powerful striker Cavani, two to Uruguay contest stabilizing in recent sessions. Buy FIFA 14 Coins

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