Inter Milan officially announced the signing of France international midfielder joined on loan with a buyout clause Tieyao Mwila debut Inter officially announced the signing on loan from Rubin Kazan's French midfielder FIFA 14 Coins M'Vila, according to Italian media reports, Mwila lease contract with Inter Milan in the summer of 2016 will, after Inter Milan can choose buyout. Inter Milan on the official Twitter welcomed the arrival of M'Vila: "The Inter players M'Vila is now, he will debut Saturday in Pinzolo base."

Mwila the functional midfielder, born on June 29, 1990, when the effectiveness of Rennes has been included Real Madrid, Arsenal and other giants of the attention, but in October 2012, M'Vila, Gerry Postman, Niang and other five players left in the U21 national team training base in Normandy, France, to Paris taxi revelry until the early hours before returning to the station, while the French U21 European Championship play-offs in the second round 3-5 defeat of Norway in the first leg win under favorable circumstances missed a total score of 4-5 European Championship Cheap FIFA 14 Coins race of the competition, the European Championships in the summer of the same year, the game against Spain, France, M'Vila after being replaced and the replacement of the absence of his appearances and Giroux France coach Laurent Blanc handshake Football Association had been warned that he was suspended for the French Football Federation to June 30 of this year, missed the World Cup in Brazil.

January 2013, joined the Russian Super Mwila Rubin Kazan, according to Italian media, Mwila overwhelmed joined Inter salary will be reduced to 1.8 million euros, and he can get four million euros in Rubin salary. Liverpool Buy FIFA 14 Coins officially announced fourth summer signing 25 million Euro lock Su God avatars Liverpool's official website screenshot Beijing on July 15 evening news, the Portuguese Super Benfica announced by the stock market, the team has been with Liverpool agreement, the Serbian striker Lazar - Markovic will be next season as the latter effect, and Liverpool will pay this teenager fee 25 million, followed by Liverpool official website has also confirmed the news. FIFA 14 Coins

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