British media and from the message given by the Spanish media, the possibility of leaving Real Madrid Casillas great summer, so that is very likely to sign Arsenal's Spanish goalkeeper, but manager Arsene Wenger can not get too excited, after all In recent years, the state is not good Casillas. At the same time, Fleet Street also reported progress in Arsenal chase another Khedira Real Madrid FIFA 14 Coins players, because the salary agreement could be reached, manager Arsene Wenger has given up the introduction of the German players, intends financed the acquisition of Southampton midfielder Schneider forest. Aged 24 years old Shineidelin debut in Stella Berg, 2008 will move to Southampton, following the Saints Corps medal from the lower leagues all the way to the Premier League over the past two seasons, played 69 Premier League attack into the 7 ball.

With outstanding performance, Shineidelin named to Brazil's World Cup campaign in France squad training, and completed his debut on June 8 this year, France's game against Jamaica; due Ribery and Gray Nilles injuries, facilities within Dream finalists to the bench, and in the third round of the French group match 0-0 to Ecuador in the game, staged a World Cup debut, it should be noted Cheap FIFA 14 Coins that this is Shineidelin only in the Brazilian World Cup debut, starting and played 90 minutes. Although not as well known Shineidelin Hedi large, but the former were removed from the league for many years in England, the style of this league will not be unfamiliar. In addition Khedira transfer situation occurs, the Arsenal chase Lodge - Remy's situation is not much better. British media, "Daily Mail" and "Mirror" revelations, Arsenal chase Lodge - Remy has failed, he launched into 40 games in the Premier League with 20 goals in the French striker Liverpool basic agreement, Remy will get a five-year contract, weekly £ 80,000 contract. Therefore, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger to find another front only change goal.

Real Madrid officially announced to join the Brazilian midfielder leave Porto on loan for a year Real Madrid club officially announced, Brazilian midfielder Casemiro super Porto Portugal joined on loan, lease for one year, has Buy FIFA 14 Coins a buyout clause of Porto, Real Madrid will have a priority right to repurchase. Aged 22 Casemiro the functional midfielder, but Real Madrid have Alonso in midfield, Mo was Richie, Khedira and Erie Yala Mendy, and be a guest in the avant-garde Mary, who the representative of Brazil, Real Madrid midfielder played 25 times last season, including 12 league appearances, mostly belonging to the bench, playing time is not stable. With Tony - Cross join Casemiro team will remain difficult to obtain if the opportunity to play, so a year on loan at Real Madrid to Porto workout. FIFA 14 Coins

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