Real support from this Argentina is that they omnipotent goalkeeper Romero, is the semi-final fight to the fissure, the final cry to near syncope Ma Ying-jeou, is their nearly 20 years of the hardest defense. Argentines make fun of everyone: Before the game, people thought that Argentina is "first-class striker, second-class midfielder, third line of defense", the result opposite is true; looked lineup all thought it was a sharp version of Spain, only to find it is a replica of Italy. Brazilian full of the spirit from the black, Neymar will be self-deprecating missing after Brazil was into 10 balls. Today, the Argentine fans also found the lack of "real thigh" after Mary, boasts the most luxurious line of attack would not have FIFA 14 Coins scored Argentina. In fact, they is not no chance, like Christ in Rio when the golden glow of the full-plated, God gave the Argentines sent out three assists, but add up to at least more than two hundred million euros worth of Higuain, Messi, Palacio All let ducks flew to his mouth. Was entrusted with the task of Savilla Aguero seems only to Brazil and Messi degree a honeymoon intercourse, but no hair to show Palacio, only for the defender to solve problems again and again.

Needless to say, Messi is still the soul and Cheap FIFA 14 Coins flags of Argentina, is the industry's Golden Globe for his creation of the tournament scoring 23 times and 46 times the chance of recognition and reward extraordinary success, however, Messi is concerned, this awards like irony. He has said before, willing to exchange with a Golden Globe for the World Cup, did not happen, the fate of the black humor than this.

Last minute, Messi fired the free kick Neuer horizon, but also to his ability to emulate Maradona's debate to lose value. Lamaxiya Messi trained system, it is impossible to reach the number one kind of personal heroism in the Buy FIFA 14 Coins extreme. Face bones advocating romantic tango and Argentine full of tragic heroism, in the spirit of tradition in Hegel, Bach, Nietzsche, Beethoven Germans in a consistent and rigorous efficiency gains victory precise mode of operation rigorous sports industry Germany is supporting a high level of competitive sports foundation. This is a triumph of modern industrial management system for agricultural civilization in the face of the modern system, the so-called number one, after all, a distant lakes legend. FIFA 14 Coins

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