World Cup, in addition to the group stage opener scored a goal, the bar of God, whether in court or field, performances are extremely poor. One of the most rejection of the practice before the game against Costa Rica FIFA 14 Coins to kiss the Queen of England. As a result, the score 0:1 Italy lost the game, shame printed on the face of the entire Italian team. In fact, the third game Prandelli should abandon the bar of God, because God does not know what Pakistan is a shame, but do not know how to glory for the country.

Italy After returning home, the bar of God also continues to attract the attention of fans with dyed hair, play with guns and other acts, but in Italy, increasingly need this live haunted. Suarez paranoid live haunted Cheap FIFA 14 Coins Dentist gives you healthy teeth mouth, but you have to use it to bite. For which Suarez bite, different fans have different reactions. Understand the ball in front of the television before and after Emperor Yang turned smile from ear to ear, pseudo-fans are stunned by the moment, there is kicking on the pitch, shovel common bite really have not seen.

2010 World Cup because the "Hand of God" sent off Suarez in all competitions so far had not received a red card, but he was suspended for 34 games. Suarez is a paranoid live haunted, his temper did not Pepe so violent, his professionalism, much better than the bar of God. He is actually a little paranoid, hair thrown a little strange behavior. We have to admit that, in fact, Suarez is a good Buy FIFA 14 Coins player, he is almost single-handedly brought into the Uruguay Round of 16. Barca reason when Suarez "notoriety" Young world will he buy the team, one goal is the ability to Suarez, on the other hand, this live haunted Suarez, in fact, can mend anew. FIFA 14 Coins

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