At the same time, rumors of infighting Spain squad frequently, first mate Alonso caused dissatisfaction due to improper remarks, followed by Fabregas negative training, coach Vicente del Bosque was confiscated on FIFA 14 Coins behalf of the main training vest. Del Bosque also hinted squad players "just think of yourself."But in the face of honor, "Matador" expectations. The Spanish team starting lineup rotation seven appearances, including three World Cup campaign has been the first opportunity to get playing goalkeeper Pepe Reina.

Australian team, the previous successive defeat to Chile 1:3, 2:3 loss to the Netherlands, but has shown strong competition ability. Unfortunately, that day has been suspended striker Cahill.The opening 10 minutes, before Cheap FIFA 14 Coins the Australian team took the lead in the field to start scraping, Leckie had strong long-range missed in the penalty area. To bench players dominated the Spanish team after running, gradually played with dazzling offensive.

In this "Rongyuzhizhan" on both sides behaved spare no effort. Spain striker David Villa was brought down twice in Australia back in 10 minutes, 24 minutes, Spain striker Fernando Torres jersey and even tore each other Buy FIFA 14 Coins , had a temporary replacement on the sidelines.The Spanish team played more relaxed in the first 36 minutes and finally broke. Iniesta tries a through the right side of the air when Juanfran right Xiadichuanzhong, Villa Road collusion with heel homeopathic knock the ball into the net. This is the Spanish team in the tournament's first grain field goal. Buy FIFA 14 Coins

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