A similar situation has occurred more than once. In Spain, the 2002 Real Madrid got the Champions League, but the Spanish players but looked tired, unable to compete with South Korea, while Real Madrid Zidane in the French FIFA 14 Coins national team core dismal performance, team team failed to qualify.

Fortunately, this time Benzema to Real Madrid players be out of breath. In his first World Cup limelight, Benzema scored two goals and creating an own goal to help the French team to a 3-0 victory over Honduras. Benzema Taking the former French coach Raymond Domenech's face fan too loud pops, who four years ago determined to put forward the name of genius excluded from the list of World Cup Cheap FIFA 14 Coins outside. And after Marcelo's first own goal and Spain's first defeat, Benzema also created a first: the game the first 48 minutes post his shot blocked, but fortunately there are proper gate line technology determination, France to rewrite the score 2-0, which is the World Cup for the first time using Hawkeye technology.

The representative of Argentina played Mary also enjoyed the taste of victory, but I Dimaliya performance in general. The Real Madrid player's luck did not last long. Portugal's game against Germany, Portugal squad three Real Buy FIFA 14 Coins Madrid players are very unlucky. Pepe fainted again in the game, the opponent in front of the referee, he provoked a result was sent off, the Portuguese players Pepe's red card was the sixth in the World Cup red card, but also the second fastest red card, but also the first World Cup Zhang halftime direct red card. Outside the red card, Pepe also faces a maximum penalty suspended for three games. Buy FIFA 14 Coins http://www.fifa1314.com

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