Horses unusual in an interview, said his favorite player is Yin Xinie (Consul General of Naples hardcore fans) and midfield maestro Andrea Pirlo, but his favorite is the Italian national team next 2006 World FIFA 14 Coins Cup in Germany championship team.

Spaghetti together boo Rooney
Although it is six in the morning of the match, but the fans do not have a late. The horse is also very unusual intentions, not only in the window made a huge Italian flag colors background plate, is also Cheap FIFA 14 Coins preparing a lot of Italian cuisine. Tiramisu, fruit pies, oysters, Italian specialties cornetto bread, a variety of wines and liqueurs ...... variety of Italian cuisine will be about two meters wide and one meter a large table heaped.

Subsequently, Consul home completely into a "home." Especially when the game was deadlock in the 35th minute to break the long-range kick Marchisio, MA unusual home once boiling, one of the fans waving scarves dancing, and Buy FIFA 14 Coins consuls who also holds a group jump in up, which is typical of the way the fans celebrate.

After the game time, just watching the scene in general, we cheer for the Italian attack, also coincidentally "Hush," the first 60 minutes Rooney's outrageous corner. Language scene of Chongqing Evening News reporter secretly glad, but fortunately not alone at home fighting! Buy FIFA 14 Coins

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