World Cup Odds EF group: Argentina, France adjourned magical hot curves
World Cup, E and F have a group led by despots, namely France and Argentina. French team group stage Group E odds of 1.20, basic does not appear any mishap; coupled with the recent sessions of the World Cup in FIFA 14 Coins France lasted a magical curve, after the group stage can be optimistic about the prospects. Group F South American powerhouse Argentina is doing my number one outlet popular, its outlet odds and Brazil 1.04 unanimously believe that the World Cup called the strongest attack combination does not leave any suspense in the group stage.

Group E: For France magical curves imply glory
Following Mandanda and Gray Nilles, France also announced before the games core Franck Ribery missed the World Cup through injury. Although no team in this group and the strength to France on an equal footing, but do not Cheap FIFA 14 Coins forget the 2002 World Cup in France but also in the case before the general lack of plot only one of the group stage dismal out. Of course, France's turn to shine in the World Cup, why do you say so? Surely we all know, does not seek death in 1994 due to the World Cup in France in 1998, won in 2002 as the favorites to win the group stage stop, in 2006 and again reached the final in 2010, losing in the group stage again, here wavy curves law France this year is likely to play more satisfactory results.

Group E qualifying Odds
France 1.20 Switzerland 1.66
Ecuador, Honduras 7.50 1.90
The French group stage qualifying odds of 1.20, relative Buy FIFA 14 Coins to other group opponents is great; the Bayern wing Sacchi and Juventus defender Lichtsteiner led Switzerland came in second bit, odds are 1.66; Manchester United generals Valencia where Ecuador ranked third; third ranked team in the World Cup in Honduras bottom, little hope of qualifying. Buy FIFA 14 Coins

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