A yellow, a native of Shenzhen, who works in a bank, looks handsome guy, usually a big hobby is collecting memorabilia Inter, which jersey maximum Zanetti. Inter fans in circles, almost no one does not FIFA 14 Coins know A yellow. "They all call me." Huanghao Liang said, this is a way to address the Guangdong people are used to, but the family called him "liang" because his name was still a "bright" word.

A yellow is a crazy fan, Xu Xiaolei more willing to use the "Tyrant fans" to call him. Indeed, A yellow things dry out enough crazy because long ago, he had just one fund by Zanetti website with 12,000 price when photographed Zanetti last home game worn jersey, Inter Milan At that time the opponent is Lazio. "My initial budget was 100,000 yuan, although more than a few, but finally bite the Cheap FIFA 14 Coins bullet and bought a." Ah Wong Inter have long liked to collect jerseys from 2008 onwards, especially Zanetti.

Effect Guoan fans consider sending Dragons
Zanetti funds on auction sites, the amount of A yellow hammer already more than one million. "Because shoot many things, and now I am with Zanetti and his assistants have become good friends, we often communicate." Ah Buy FIFA 14 Coins Wong said that when he heard the fans to be published as a poster Zanetti soon Zanetti will communicate with the hope that this gift will be given to him and hope that he accept.

"Many people may think it will be very ado, is actually very simple, hit hello." Huanghao Liang understatement, "In fact, I know a lot of fans and a good relationship Zanetti, every day dozens of fans hope that I want Zanetti's autograph like to, but this is something I feel quite meaningless, Zanetti also very impressed. " Buy FIFA 14 Coins http://www.fifa1314.com

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