Tenth: 1982 west Germany VS France (8-7) Although the penalty had existed since the Buy FIFA 14 Coins 1930 World Cup in the first session of Uruguay, but the real penalties didn't appear until the 1982 World Cup in Spain.The semi-final, determined the west overtime even if you run after two ball 3-3 draw with France, game into to penalty kicks.The Frenchman's talent and talent, after all, is worth but that of the west, eventually 7-8 defeat to rivals.And Germany has created three consecutive World Cup finals record. Cesare prandelli: star Looking forward to England Uruguay elbowing each other The current World Cup, Italy will never FIFA 14 Coins lack of arguments.Although even praised trapattoni prandelli selected international convincing, but there are a lot of the media and fans has been questioned, and cesare prandelli is on the first day of the invitation to start training again explanation. "I hope till the last day (cut the list Cheap FIFA 14 Coins of 30 people for 23) I still hesitate, this means that all 30 people full of enthusiasm. All players should understand, no matter how much time they play, will contribute to the team, because we are a whole, everyone is a part of the team."Prandelli said. "dispute? In Italy, every thing will trigger a quarrel, and when they attack the name the person would be" unity "together, as a national team coach, I think is a celebrity." Buy FIFA 14 Coins http://www.fifa1314.com

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