Figo: Spain certainly no dice cup Brazil's most promising Recently, the former real Madrid star luis figo accepted Brazilian media "lance" sports, said Spain will not winning the World Cup in Brazil, he thinks, vicente del bosque's team has no enough strength Buy FIFA 14 Coins can get champion.


Figo said: "I don't think Spain will win the World Cup, I don't think they have the same strength, they want to win the World Cup is difficult, of course is not impossible." Figo said Brazil have hope to win the FIFA 14 Coins World Cup champion, because they have a great coach and home factors, luis figo said: "I think home games will be a great help to them, I know the Brazilian coach luiz felipe scolari, I know he is a great coach, his country will help them.


Other war with Brazil team, will be very difficult very difficult, because the scene fan support." Figo don't forget to comment on his Portugal, he said: "to Portugal, is very difficult, because is a long way away from the final, our country has only 11 million people, so choose the 18 to 20 players to go t Cheap FIFA 14 Coins o the World Cup, it is very difficult, in addition the Portuguese walk far depends on cristiano ronaldo." Buy FIFA 14 Coins

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