When it comes to new coach Louis van <A href="http://www.fifa1314.com" title="Buy FIFA 14 Coins">Buy FIFA 14 Coins</A> gaal, united CEO Woodward said: "for Louis van gaal, we confirmed that he is one of the most outstanding coach in football. In his career, his achievements are very great, now united provided him with a bright stage, by him to write the history of Manchester united."

Suarez: England is very strong, but Uruguay to win
Uruguay striker suarez said, although <A href="http://www.fifa1314.com" title="Cheap FIFA 14 Coins">Cheap FIFA 14 Coins</A> there are many good players in England, but the team will continue to beat England at the World Cup.

On June 19, will usher in Uruguay and England's World Cup group D game.The reds striker is obviously very familiar with all the players in England, and he believes that Uruguay can achieve an ideal result in the game.

"I think they have very good and very good <A href="http://www.fifa1314.com" title="FIFA 14 Coins">FIFA 14 Coins</A> players, and they are big teams," suarez said, "most of the players in the premier league's prestigious, it means a lot. But we also know their shortcomings in some ways, and we can use these weaknesses." Buy FIFA 14 Coins http://www.fifa1314.com

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