According to Spanish daily marca, "Laura C muscle injury, but we can catch up with the champions league final."Spanish television reporter sanchez revealed that cristiano ronaldo's injury situation, "ronaldo Buy FIFA 14 Coins muscle injury, is expected to take five to six day."But compared with cristiano ronaldo, benzema is not good.Game on 67 minutes, benzema was substituted for discomfort in his left thigh, after his knee injury league with celta.According to a report by the marca, this ze horse can miss the champions league final. Atletico Madrid even hurt two main!They left to FIFA 14 Coins cry The strongest man in the champions league final won't play La liga title fight, home match against atletico Madrid and Barcelona match sheets legion just 22 points hurt two consecutive creation, diego - in the front with al da costa figure lando because of injury to withdraw from the stadium.According to Spanish media, newspaper news: "diego - costa, almost out of the champions league final figure is set to participate in the champions league final." Diego - costa is injured in the off the Cheap FIFA 14 Coins ball.The 14th minute, atletico Madrid fought back, diego - costa, running all the way down the left him when he is ready to accelerate and slow down, costa, in the case of up suddenly injured game into stoppage time.Knew I injured costa, brute, shook his head and looked at the bench, eventually wu face lying on the ground. Buy FIFA 14 Coins

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