"Sky sports" disclosure, hill again in London recently, its primary objective nature is fernando torres.And, apart from torres, trip to the British Isles, giants inter and Manchester united veteran patrice evra's agent has been in contact.Patrice evra's contract with Manchester united this summer was set to expire, inter milan have signed before nemanja vidic, now want to patrice evra could Buy FIFA 14 Coins join inter with nemanja vidic.In addition, the son of the old black and blue will be ince small ince is also the goal of inter, unlike ince, small ince is a winger, this is precisely what inter need to the position of the reinforcement.Small ince will become a free agent this summer, ince really looking forward to joining inter son to follow his steps. Inter in January from lazio signed el ness, but cambiasso's contract expiring and Argentina can renew the contract with inter is uncertain, melon and fans is very bad, the relationship between Lin is likely to leave the serie a club in the summer to other leagues, the inter is a need to introduce a high level of midfielder.Mazzarri's goal is to napoli midfielder valon behrami, valon behrami is Cheap FIFA 14 Coins players, when walter mazzarri to introduce this season after napoli, manager rafa benitez valon behrami is no longer the team's ever-present, napoli and inter relationship between the two clubs has always been good, walter mazzarri hopes to be able to get from Naples kibaki's own the name. With fenerbahce Turkey international Elgin is one of the goals of the inter are chasing, 25-year-old Elgin can play multiple positions on the pitch, because contract expiring with fenerbahce, inter, roma, Chelsea, Liverpool FIFA 14 Coins and other clubs to Elgin olive branch.Elgin's agent in the Turkish media interview said: "we haven't met with senior fenerbahce, but will be carried out in recent negotiations. There are a lot of teams are focusing on the Elgin, but fenerbahce is his preferred choice." FIFA 14 Coins http://www.fifa1314.com

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