Manchester city's title review: ferguson made he prowled the troubled times Blue rise on the new dynasty Sir Alex ferguson after he prowled the FIFA 14 Coins premiership in confusion.Back in the 2013/2014 season, the premier league at the top of a total of 25 times, brutal competition, smile until the end of the team, only in the head on the top of the premier league for 14 days, the data is far less than several other title rivals, but they have become the final champion. The champions Manchester city, from the Cheap FIFA 14 Coins other hand, teams from Manchester back to lose 1 year's barclays cup.See Manchester city soldiers passion trophy at that moment, you come to mind?Passionate poznan dancing in the stands, echoed in every corner to al-ittihad "HEY JUDE", "BLUE MOON" the beautiful melody, or nostalgia art fragrant fragrance of football? Time is where did you go?Roberto mancini with 1 and nothing season proved his despotism, conservative and stupid, Manuel pellegrini with an epic magnificent season on the altar.2014 version of the premiership Buy FIFA 14 Coins champions and 2012 version of the premiership champions have why to distinguish?By sergio aguero finish of stoppage time winner from the 2012 edition of the premier league champions for the narrowly beat QPR often let a person remember god KUN unmatched personal ability, lucky goddess of appreciation, and mancini after the incoherent "thankfully thank people"; FIFA 14 Coins

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