ASHLEY cole admits, "I received a phone call from Roy (hodgson), the view that England should be given to young people. I want to, I'd better to exit from England."For Roy hodgson, Chelsea left-back on FIFA 14 Coins twitter gave high evaluation, "we have a great coach and a good team. I only wish them success. I would like a pure fan, to support them. Thank you for everything." ASHLEY cole was born in 1980, was named to the England team in 2001, England footballer of the year in 2010.He is a recent competition in England's absolute main force.But this season, his place in the Chelsea by Spanish leather and quetta robbed, playing time drastically reduced.At the same time, in England left-back position also is talent.Everton awards byrne, enough to fill the Cheap FIFA 14 Coins void left on the left of ASHLEY cole, at the same time, the last two season's premier league asb young Luke shaw also had high hopes."- Leiden byrne and shaw, are great players, this season has proved itself. They are the future of England. 107 appearances for his country, I feel very happy."Cole says, "whether you like it or not I, not for my country, is sad. For my country, let me feel very proud, full of sense of honor." Gamla graham Taylor, the former England boss and Buy FIFA 14 Coins former international gamla um - lai XiaoKeSi also believes that England should choose substitute Luke shaw for ASHLEY cole.But if no accident, the Brazilian World Cup, England's first-choice left-back will be byrne. FIFA 14 Coins

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