Circumstances are different! Bernabeu Real Madrid fans rush the Camp Nou Barca fans favor Real Madrid and Barcelona is a feud, the relationship FIFA 14 Coins between supporters of the two teams is the situation with the fire naturally. However, at the Nou Camp and the Bernabeu, but the two teams fans are treated with clouds and mud. The last round of La Liga, Barcelona 2-2 home draw with Getafe, during the game, wearing a Real Madrid shirt appears on the Camp Nou fans in the stands, who was found after Barca fans become more attacks objects. Cheap FIFA 14 Coins Camp Nou security personnel to see this behind the scenes to realize that if you do not put the name of Real Madrid fans quickly away, I am afraid the situation will be upgraded, security personnel and then walked around the Real Madrid fans, and persuade him to leave the best, Real Madrid fans refused to agree, but he was forced out of the security strapped to the Camp Nou. Coincidentally, the last round of Real Madrid is Buy FIFA 14 Coins also playing at home, but also appeared in the Bernabeu fans wearing a Barcelona jersey, and he sat beside many Real Madrid fans, living in the enemy camp, he would not become a target of attack, but also an air of calm in the opposite Watch feud game. Bernabeu security personnel actually have noticed the Barcelona fans, but security personnel did not persuade him to leave the Bernabeu, security personnel clear of Real Madrid fans will not dry out what outrageous things, in fact, already got used to things like this Bernabeu Barcelona fans will have to visit often, Real Madrid fans do not think there is anything on this issue. FIFA 14 Coins

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