Ideal is very plentiful, reality is very skinny Although Brazil World Cup full of temptation for the broad masses of fans, but the day comes from the Brazil, seems to have not let the person worry.Workers died unexpectedly in the process of construction, construction to completion on time, high ticket prices, constant protests, hotel prices soared, and chaos of the order.At least for the moment, the Brazilian World Cup process even before the World Cup in South Africa in question.Brazil as the most famous football kingdom, fancy South American football is full of yearning, perhaps by these advantages bewilderment of eyes FIFA 14 Coins , will be held in the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil's decision, also became the most now being criticized.Port of the stadio SAN paolo and allegri's World Cup stadium completion time delays because of financial reasons, but also has eight workers work venues built around the World Cup in Brazil., last weekend, Brazil's two World Cup host city Recife and natal fan riots occurred, Recife a fan was the stands behind the toilet in the head after died on the Cheap FIFA 14 Coins spot, and natal dune field at the World Cup stadium fans fight led to the arrest of more than 40 people.In addition, the World Cup parade is constantly throughout Brazil.Fans around the world look forward to the holiday, in Brazil is restless. Now, during the World Cup in Brazil in particular Rio for accommodation is also under attack, in fact, for most of the Chinese fans, fly halfway around the world to see the cost of the game is really hard to parry, from the perspective of the Buy FIFA 14 Coins price of a ticket agent to provide domestic, group tickets for 4350 yuan, the Brazilian World Cup and the semi-finals fare is as high as 43500 yuan, it has to do with FIFA announced before the group fares as low as $90 for overseas fans, final lowest for overseas fans and the highest ticket is $440 and $990 respectively.Go to Brazil to watch, not a said come away trip! FIFA 14 Coins

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