The basic farewell ZhanJun: Liverpool champions After the miracle of the red army through pain Beijing time on May 6 in the morning, a premier league [microblogging] round focal point fights, 37 Liverpool [microblogging] away with crystal palace at 3-3 ping.Sina sports video live broadcast of the game, in ZhanJun has carried on FIFA 14 Coins the review of the game, left a lot of wonderful sayings. Talk about Liverpool's attack: "this season Liverpool packed defense way not many, because they too rely on suarez and sturridge. Once they both state is not good, then the red army's offensive will appear many problems. It is also Cheap FIFA 14 Coins one of the reasons for the Liverpool team is bad recently. In fact, this season the reds defence or some problems, with the help of the team forward, Liverpool to get such a good result." Talk about matteo paro's: "want to praise the crystal Buy FIFA 14 Coins palace goalkeeper, matteo paro, a lot of goalkeeper will move the middle goal in this situation, but he was dead to the position of the near post. This makes suarez intention of small Angle shot did not succeed, if matteo paro's move among some slightly, suarez is likely to score." FIFA 14 Coins

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