This season under martino, Barcelona in serious instability, not only the champions league double underachievement, the atmosphere is disengaged from unfavorable rumors.Due to performance than expected in a few games, messi often become the object of the media bombard, a large number of fans even reprimanded the Argentine deliberately sabotage, for this summer's World Cup.However, even if the state is FIFA 14 Coins not in the best frequency and plagued by a back injury, messi still in 43 games this season, scoring 40 goals. It is worth mentioning that in November last year, macy's international team-mate, Manchester city defender saba tower (microblogging) have in the interview with the guardian reveal messi often inquire of him the latest development of Cheap FIFA 14 Coins city, "messi asked me a lot about the city, I have nothing to say at the beginning, because even I myself also is not very clear at the time, but now we often talk about Manchester city, I have been here." Nearly period of time, including the world dello sport and Buy FIFA 14 Coins the daily dello sport media disclosure, several pro Barcelona club will take place in the summer, as the team's leading messi will be involved?Whether from the start of the season the centralizer day price bought in maldives?For Barcelona President baal tomei uri, it will be a tough summer.For Manchester city, with a premier league meet messi?Why not! FIFA 14 Coins

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