Even so, Garcia also talked about the Serie A championship competition, suggesting that Rome does not give up the chase Serie A title hopes. "Tonight, our only concern is to Juventus and sassuolo race results and then we FIFA 14 Coins have to win in Catania." Garcia said, "But we are not masters of our own destiny, we Progress depends on the situation now, and now we are only interested in Juventus and sassuolo game and then we look at whether there is competition to win the Serie A suspense. " For Serie A, Garcia said, "I liked the atmosphere of the Olympic Stadium in Rome with Milan's game, the stadium atmosphere on great addition, I respect all of Italy, not just football, as well as the capital and the language, I are like. " Robben: let the fear Real Madrid Ribery: I see the performance of the second leg This week will be at home to usher in Bayern challenge Real Madrid, Champions League semi-final second leg to start the contest. In both the first leg of the contest, a super combination attack Bayern Raberg faced enormous trouble, the two face a tough defensive player of Real Madrid looks way much. Before flying home game Bayern Robben Xia said the team back home to let fear of Real Madrid, the team's offensive to Cheap FIFA 14 Coins be crazy at the Allianz Arena, in the most passionate way to victory to complete the comeback. Bayern "King" Ribery is to regain the status of the league at the weekend, he expressed the hope that we'll see him play in the semi-finals of the Champions League. In last weekend's Bundesliga, Bayern Munich 1-2 in the case of the first half of the second half, even after four behind the ball, scored a 5-2 victory reversal. Robben said the game to give the team a huge confidence ahead of the team feel a Buy FIFA 14 Coins sense of a reversal, "This victory gives us great confidence, but also gave the team a happy mood, we kick in the game of passion, we scored a total of five balls, you know, is a five balls! Such results allow us to leave the stadium heads held high, with a good mood to go home to prepare for this week two Champions League, we have to maintain this status. " FIFA 14 Coins http://www.fifa1314.com

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